Find out about the role we play in managing WA's drainage system and recent trials we have completed to help us manage and maintain our drains in a sustainable way.

Our drainage system

We manage about 2250 kilometres of rural main drains and 828 kilometres of drains in the metropolitan area. These drains divert water from over 400,000 hectares of land and 260,000 properties.

Local councils manage most of the smaller reticulation drains of Perth's urban drainage network. Outside the metropolitan area, urban drainage is generally managed by local councils.

Drainage research trials

Water quality in urban drainsdripping drain

We conducted a four-year research project with CSIRO and support from the Department of Water and Swan River Trust. The objective was to provide a complete picture of the challenges facing nutrient management in urban drainage in Perth.

The report provides information about urban catchment management and facilitates a better understanding of the cause and effect relationship in water and land management and nutrients in Perth's urban drains. It also provides information on actions across a catchment that may help to limit the nutrient export from urban catchments to our rivers and natural wetlands.

Read more about our water quality in urban drains trial

Revegetation trial

This report details a significant four-year revegetation trial,to investigate a more cost-effective and sustainable approach to drain maintenance, whilst improving visual amenity, controlling bank erosion and improving ecological habitat/biodiversity where practical, without impacting the hydraulic capacity of the drain.

The results of the trial identify factors such as the cost-effectiveness of various planting techniques, vegetation types and weed control, while also identifying where different techniques may be more successful.

Read more about our revegetation trial

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