Leak Allowance Policy

This policy outlines the process involved when you receive a large water use account due to a leak at your property, and explains the criteria that must be met when you apply for a leak allowance.

Customer rights and responsibilities

Our Leak Allowance Policy will assist you in understanding the process involved when you receive a large water use account due to a leak at your property.

It will provide you with an understanding of your obligations as a water consumer and provides you with an outline of what financial assistance we can give you through a leak allowance.

We offer a leak allowance if you have had undetectable leaks repaired by a licensed plumber. In the event of a leak in your irrigation system, the system must be brought up to standard (including a manual isolation valve and master solenoid). A leak allowance would be considered only after you have had your plumbing/irrigation repairs completed to the required plumbing/industry standards and with all leaks repaired.

If a leak allowance application is made, but water is still running to waste through a leak, the application will be declined until such time as there are no leaks recording on the meter.

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To be eligible for a leak allowance, the following criteria must be met:

  • The leak must be hidden and not visible, such as underground or in a cavity wall.
  • Leaks must be identified and repaired within 30 days of the bill issue date.
  • Customers can apply for one (1) allowance per owner per property every five (5) years.
  • Leak allowances granted will cover only a portion of the total water use. A limit of 1000 kL per allowance is applied.
  • Internal plumbing repairs must be completed by a Licensed Plumber and the necessary certificate/s completed.
  • Licensed Plumbers must hold a currently registered plumbing contractor’s license as issued by the Plumbers Licensing Board. For more information visit commerce.wa.gov.au.
  • A licensed plumber must repair the leak, except in remote country areas, where repairs by the customer may be acceptable if access to a plumber is not possible.
  • The irrigation system must (as a minimum) have a manual isolation valve and master solenoid installed to meet irrigation standards. If there is no manual isolation valve and master solenoid installed, an allowance will be assessed upon re-application after the irrigation system is upgraded to the required standard and is verified as such by a Waterwise Garden Irrigator (WGI) or Licensed Plumber.
  • WGI’s must be a part of the Waterwise Garden Irrigation Program (WGIP). Visit watercorporation.com.au for a full list of participants.
  • WGI’s are not permitted to perform leak repairs on internal plumbing.
  • A completed Leak Allowance Application Form must be submitted (together with a copy of the Licensed Plumber’s / WGI invoice) within 14 days from the date of repair.
  • Leaks on water services that do not meet current plumbing standards are not eligible.
  • Internal services that are considered sub-standard or in a state of disrepair, illegal or unsuitable.
  • Metered services that are open-ended and therefore do not have an internal service or standpipe.
  • Visible and readily detectable leaks.

We will:

  • issue property accounts with relevant information on meter readings and water use to assist you to monitor your usage
  • communicate water conservation initiatives to help you manage your water use
  • assist with high water use enquiries by providing information to help you:
    • conserve water inside and outside your home
    • read your meter and check for leaks
    • access payment options to suit your financial circumstances
    • apply for assistance under our Financial Hardship Policy
    • apply for pensioner and senior concessions
  • assess any application for a leak allowance within 15 business days based on the evidence provided by the licensed plumber
  • calculate an adjustment to your charges as per the minimum guideline for undetected leaks - provided you have met all your responsibilities and eligibility criteria
  • leak allowances granted will offset a portion of the water loss. Customers are able to receive a 50% allowance of the estimated water loss to a limit of a 1000 kL’s
  • leak allowances granted
  • communicate the account adjustment to you
  • decline any leak allowance application that does not meet the eligibility criteria and advise the reasons.

You should:

  • make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the property’s internal water infrastructure is maintained in good working order. This includes monitoring water use levels, identifying possible leaks, and repairing leaks promptly to conserve water and reduce potential costs
  • if you are a tenant, promptly report suspected leaks to the owner/managing agent
  • ensure repair of leaks on a water supply is undertaken by a plumber that is licensed with the Plumbers Licensing Board. The licensed plumber must complete, sign and return a leak allowance application form to help substantiate the claim and to ensure that the works undertaken meet current plumbing/industry standards
  • lodge a Leak Allowance Application within 14 days of the repairs being completed
  • provide all relevant information requested to resolve any claim
  • be aware that the owner of a property is liable for the costs of all water supplied to the property (Section 92 Water Services Act 2012).
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