Specified service agreements

Customers who have a large demand on our schemes may need to enter into a Specified Service Agreement for individual assessment of your water and wastewater infrastructure contributions.

Specified Service Agreements (SSA's) which are available to customers, offer a number of benefits provided they enter into an agreement with the Corporation agreeing to pay further infrastructure contributions if their wastewater discharge increases.


A Specified Service Agreement may be required in the following instances: 

  • high wastewater discharge – customers with properties, or requesting a water meter that is 25mm or greater and are discharging more than 30% of the standard discharge for that meter size
  • low wastewater discharge – customers with properties, or requesting a water meter that is 50mm or greater and discharging less than 30% of the standard discharge for that meter size. 

What are the benefits?  

  • Accommodates the customer's unique wastewater discharge levels and ensures that Water Corporation receives the appropriate infrastructure contributions if the wastewater discharge increases over time.
  • Accommodates temporary peaks in discharge without the customer having to pay full infrastructure contributions.
  • Specified Service Agreements offer an incentive for our customers to re-use water.

Method of assessment

Water supply infrastructure contributions are assessed using our meter-based contribution table. For further information, please refer to our section about Infrastructure contributions.

Wastewater infrastructure contributions are assessed as one contribution per 187 kilolitres of wastewater discharged annually.

To enter into an agreement, we require customers to provide details of their estimated water use and an estimated discharge.

  • Customers discharging only scheme water will have their wastewater discharge monitored by applying a discharge percentage to their water consumption.
  • Customers discharging water supply from sources other than the scheme supply will be monitored by an agreed method.

Existing customers

Upon redevelopment of your property, you may be required to enter into a new agreement if the level of your wastewater discharge is changed.

Request estimate for a Specified Service

More information 

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