How to read an e-plan

It is important to accurately interpret e-plans to make sure that your building and plumbing work does not damage our pipelines.

In older suburbs, the sewer connection point may not be brought into the property, or it may not have been brought up to 1 metre below ground level. When doing plumbing work, you need to correctly interpret the e-plan, taking this into consideration.

This diagram illustrates how to accurately interpret an e-plan.

Sewer e-plan diagram

While the connection for Lot 517 is shown outside the property line, the dimensions show that the connection point has actually been brought in 2.7m and up 1.9m from the sewer line.

The graphic for Lot 111 reflects this measurement, which indicates the connection point has been brought in 1.3m and up 1.9m from the sewer line.

While e-plans help to locate to pipelines, to prevent damage during works you must physically confirm the location of all pipelines before commencing mechanical excavation or boring.