City of Vincent - Hyde Park

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Hyde Park Lakes restoration

Hyde Park lakes

To preserve the lakes at Hyde Park, the size of the lakes was reduced to ensure ideal conditions year round for visitors and wildlife.



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Why they acted

The reduced dependence on groundwater and added infrastructure, allows the City to manage the Hyde Park lakes effectively and responsibly.

The City of Vincent

Since 2004, the Hyde Park Lakes Restoration Working Group had been investigating options to stop the park from being a ‘seasonal wetland’ of declining water levels to then a swamp in summer.

The objectives for the project included reducing water use, improving the water quality and establishing native habitat.

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How they did it

Following an extensive site investigation, a new design and masterplan was developed and implemented. A water quality monitoring program was also set up and carried out on a quarterly basis.

What they're doing now

A new water quality monitoring program is underway, which includes extensive water quality testing, both in the lakes and further up the catchment.

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