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The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) are shaping the future by using science to solve real issues.

Their research makes a difference to people, industry and the planet. The Pawsey Centre in Technology Park Kensington is an innovative, purpose-built centre which houses supercomputers and associated works to support advanced research in astronomy and geoscience. It houses the most advanced supercomputers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Learn how they have kept these machines cool using a revolutionary geothermal solution.


low visual and noise impacts

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20 million

litres saved since 2014

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more energy efficient than traditional cooling towers

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Why we acted

The technology concept, if deployed more widely, has the potential to replace cooling towers in major facilities and industrial operations...which could result in significant cost savings and reduced environmental footprint for businesses.

Dr Mike Trefry, director of the Sustainable Energy for the Square Kilometre Array (SESKA) geothermal project

Supercomputers consume large amounts of electrical power, almost all of which is turned into heat.

The CSIRO wanted to develop a solution that would be more sustainable than cooling towers which normally use millions of litres of water per year. An efficient and sustainable cooling system was fundamental to the facility's design.

Geothermal cooling was preferred due to the low environmental impact and because it is not affected by weather extremes or seasonal changes.

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To read how much water CSIRO has saved at their new Supercomputer site visit their website:

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