Water Efficiency Management Plan Program

If your business uses more than 20,000kL of scheme water a year, you are required to complete a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP) to help you save water.

The State Government introduced this program in 2007, as part of a range of mandatory water efficiency measures that apply to all sectors of the community. Under the Water Agencies (Water Use) By-Laws all large WA business customers using more than 20,000kL of scheme water per year participate in the program.

Since its inception, the WEMP program has helped many of our customers find new ways to save money in water and sewerage charges while reducing their water use.

So far, 387 businesses have joined resulting in water savings of  60.3 billion litres over 8 years. In 2014–15, 14.6 billion litres of water was saved.

As part of the program you're required to:

  • develop a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP) detailing water saving targets, actions/initiatives
  • provide annual progress reports on water saving targets, actions/initiatives.

What to include in a WEMP:

  • a profile and description of your business and the current site operations
  • site water use table and usage history
  • water saving opportunities (including benchmark indicators and targets)
  • water saving action plan (including timeframes).

Once your WEMP is submitted and accepted, it will be valid for 5 years. However, if your business changes ownership or the water use increases significantly, a revised WEMP may need to be submitted.


All the information you provide to us will remain confidential.

Penalties for non-compliance

Under the Water Agencies (Water Use) By-laws 2010, financial penalties may apply if you don't meet the mandatory requirements. 

Your business will benefit in a number of ways:

  • gain a better understanding of how water is used in your business
  • learn new ways to save water in your industry
  • financial savings through improved efficiency, by avoiding unnecessary water and sewerage charges
  • access to free training sessions and events to learn fresh ways to save water
  • access to a free data logger
  • learn how other businesses save water through case studies.
  • recognition as a leader in water use efficiency and conservation
  • establishing and achieving targets to reduce scheme water use
  • improve public perception of your business.

You will also receive exclusive invitations to attend training sessions and a waterwise business forum annually. At these sessions, industry specialists and other WEMP customers will share information on water saving tools, tips and technologies available.

Please use the template below when completing your plan:

WEMP template

To help you get started, take a look at this example:

WEMP example

Once your WEMP is in place, you'll need to complete an annual report each year using the following template:

WEMP annual report template

If you are unsure how to complete your WEMP annual report please refer to our completed example:

WEMP annual report example

A recognition scheme was introduced in 2012. This initiative acknowledges WEMP business customers that achieve high levels of water use efficiency. 

It aims to provide WEMP customers with additional incentives to drive efficiencies within their business and enables them to promote water saving achievements to their customers and the wider community.

Find out more

If you have questions or need help completing your WEMP or annual report, refer to our frequently asked questions or contact the Program Administrator on water.efficiency@watercorporation.com.au or by calling (08) 9420 3551.

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