Waterwise Aquatic Centre Program

Find out how you can join this free program and expand your fresh water thinking.

Together with the Leisure Institute of WA Aquatics (LIWA), we’ve developed this program specific to aquatic centres, to recognise their commitment to saving water.

The free program is open to all aquatic centres in WA. To be eligible you must:

  • be a current LIWA Aquatics member
  • have a Water Corporation account
  • meet the relevant criteria.

Criteria 1

Sign a commitment to participate in the program.

Waterwise Aquatic Centre Commitment Letter

Criteria 2

Review your centre's water consumption and complete a water management plan.

To be endorsed, you will need to implement and provide evidence of the following:

  • read meters (and any sub-meters) daily and record water use  to identify anomalies
  • include leak detection as part of daily inspections and report or repaired if observed
  • display water saving posters and stickers to encourage patrons to be water efficient
  • reduce flow rates in showers to the minimum of 9L/minute or less
  • reduce flow rates in hand basin taps to 4.5L/minute or less
  • ensure cleaners use a broom or mop to clean floors in changerooms
  • complete backwashing based on pressure
  • ensure irrigation is compliant with watering rosters.

Waterwise Aquatic Centre Water Management Plan

Criteria 3

Report progress on an annual basis to maintain your endorsement.

You'll gain:

  • a better understanding of your water use
  • potential water and financial savings through improved efficiency
  • access to free Waterwise training for staff
  • Waterwise branding to promote your centre in your local community
  • Waterwise educational materials to promote water conservation to the community
  • services such as data logging to assist with leak detection
  • recognition as an industry leader in water use efficiency and conservation.

Read more about how our Waterwise Aquatic Centres have saved water here.

More information

Contact us at water.efficiency@watercorporation.com.au or call (08) 9420 3904.

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