Dam cam

Introducing Water Corporation’s Dam Cam

Busting the myth… are the dams full yet… ?

It may feel like it’s rained a lot this winter, and the dams that feed Perth’s water supply scheme should be full to the brim but as our new Dam Cam shows this is not the case.

We update these images throughout the day, and if you take a close look at the intake tower you can see how high the water level has been in the past, and where it sits today in comparison. This dam was built and came online in the early seventies.

This dam is one of the largest supplying Perth, and is at about 16 per cent full – holding 22 billion litres of water – that’s a long way from being full.

And remember, the water in some of our dams is no longer just made up of inflow from rain, as water from desalination and groundwater is ‘banked’ in our dams during winter when water use is lower. In 2016, 22 billion litres of desalinated water was banked in our dams.

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