Tankering of wastewater

For large subdivisions, if no other option is available, developers may be able to enter into an agreement with us to facilitate short term temporary carting of wastewater from newly created lots.

Every effort should always be made to connect your new development to the existing wastewater scheme, prior to subdivision clearance. Temporary tankering of wastewater should only be considered as a last resort.

It should not be assumed that tankering is a satisfactory outcome or quick fix to gaining subdivision clearance prior to constructing any downstream outfall works.

Consideration of any tankering eligibility is dependent on past performance of delivery of outfall sewers and prompt payment of all associated tankering bills.  Where there has been either a failure to deliver an outfall to the agreed program or failure to pay any bills on time by any Company or Company Director associated with this tankering proposal then there will be no consideration of any tankering proposal.

If you do need to apply for wastewater tankering, we will ask you to demonstrate that all other options (including constructing downstream outfall works) have been considered and ruled out to be impracticable. To assist in our assessment of your eligibility, you will be required to submit the following information to your Land Servicing Consultant.

Assessment of tankering eligibility

1) Define the works required to connect the development to the existing sewerage scheme.

  • For headworks, define:
    • The project (project number and scope, i.e type 40 WWPS, DN450 gravity sewer)
    • Planning Information Pack (Date issued)
    • Scoping Report (Date accepted/DCWSA signed)
    • Engineering Summary Report (Date accepted/DCWA executed)
    • Planned Project Practical Completion (PPC) date
    • Who is funding the works (Corporation or fully developer funded)
    • Number of weeks from desired subdivision clearance date to PPC date of the headworks.
  • For reticulation works, define:
    • Length/diameter of pipe required
    • Constraints preventing this pipe being designed and installed prior to desired subdivision clearance date that are beyond your control.
    • Planned Project Practical Completion (PPC) date
    • Number of weeks from desired subdivision clearance date to PPC date of the reticulation works.

2) Provide a detailed explanation of why tankering is considered a viable option and what are the ramifications if the tankering proposal is refused.

3) Provide a detailed explanation of how the residents will not be impacted by tankering operations and how public safety will be maintained.

4) Provide the estimated tankering duration (should not exceed 12 months)

5) Provide an explanation of what will occur if other developers want to discharge wastewater to the same tankering point.

6) Provide a detailed explanation of contingency plans if the outfall works are delayed.

7) Provide developer details including ABN

If after this information has been submitted we agree in principle to tankering, your engineer must submit an acceptable wastewater tankering strategy.

If it is considered that there are other options that haven't been considered or fully investigated, such as no reason why the outfall works can't be constructed, then you will be required to pursue those other options prior to subdivision clearance.

If your tankering eligibility assessment is considered acceptable along with a wastewater tankering strategy, then a financial security will be required. 

More information

Email: land.servicing@watercorporation.com.au

Phone: (08) 9420 2099