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Halls Creek Hip Hop - 'Save the ngaba!'

This fantastic music video has been written, performed and produced by amazing young people from Halls Creek to encourage the community to save WA’s precious water – or ngaba in the local Aboriginal language. “Thank you to the talented young people of Halls Creek for creating such a great waterwise music video – the result is a brilliant clip that showcases our beautiful Kimberley and the talented local community,” said our acting North West Regional Manager, Stuart Dyson.

Budding artists paint water pipes

Budding artists from local schools took their paintbrushes to our pipe near the Karratha Visitor Centre last month, creating water-themed Aboriginal art to celebrate Harmony Day and World Water Day.
“This artwork will be a celebration of the important role of water, while recognising the traditional owners of our land,” said our North West Regional Manager, Rino Trolio.

Water saving tip: Reduce your lawn area

Reducing your lawn area will save water and mean less maintenance for you! If there's an area of lawn that you don't use, consider converting it to a waterwise garden, or introduce hardscapes like paving or porous pebbles, to save water.

Building a new home?

Congratulations on embarking on one of life’s most exciting adventures! While you’re choosing what makes your house a home, think about how to make your home waterwise.