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Pipes for Perth

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Winter sprinkler switch-off!

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What is Tap In?

Find out more about Tap In, our state-wide community engagement program tapping in to your thoughts and ideas to help shape WA's water future.

Plug the sink or use a bowl when you're washing vegies

Washing fruit and vegies under running water straight from the tap can use up to 10 litres of water/minute! By putting a plug or bowl in the sink the same job can be done with less than 10 litres – and you can re-use this on your potplants or garden.

WA leads innovation in water safety

Water and innovation were on show in Dampier, with Water and Innovation and ICT Minister Dave Kelly observing our award-winning crawler technology in action at a local water tank.
The remote controlled crawler device eliminates safety risks posed by working at heights and won the national Water Industry Safety Award at the 2017 Australian Water Awards, held during the Ozwater conference earlier this month.

Moving home?

There are lots of things to consider when moving home, but our process is simple! Find out what you need to do – whether you are moving into or out of a property.

Dogs enlisted to sniff out water leaks in Australian-first

We have conducted a trial using two specially trained sniffer dogs to detect hidden leaks in below ground water mains.
Springer spaniel Tommy and cocker spaniel Emma, are being trained as part of our latest research and development program to smell water when there is a potential break along underground mains.