Moving home

There are lots of things to consider when moving home, but our process is simple. Here is what you need to do.


If you are moving into or out of a rental property then you do not need to contact us.

The only thing you need to do is to confirm with the property owner or agent that the water meter is going to be read. It needs to be read when you are moving in and when you move out.

This will help to make sure you are only charged for the water that you use.

While you are living in a property, you are usually responsible for paying water use charges. Check the arrangement with your landlord or agent.

Renting out a home you own

If you are moving and renting out your existing home, please let us know using our change of details form.

Change my details

A special meter reading should be done to ensure new tenants do not pay for the water you used up until the date you moved out. If you have a managing agent, please check with them as they may have organised this on your behalf. Otherwise you can call 13 13 85 to arrange.

We can issue future water use accounts for your existing home to the tenant/agent, however you will still be held responsible for all the charges as property owner. To set this up, select the ‘I’m a property owner and want to send the water use bill to my tenant’ option on the change of details form.

New home owners

When you buy a new home, your settlement agent will let us know.

They will also arrange for a special meter reading to take place before you move in.

If you are buying a property without the help of a settlement agent, see our Buying or selling section.

My Water tabletSetting up an online account

Once you receive your first bill, you can register for our online self-service portal, My Water, to manage your future bills and your water use.

Concession holders

Each time you move house, you will need to re-register your concession card for the property you reside in – whether you are an owner or tenant. 

Call us on 1300 659 951 to arrange this, or you can apply online.

If you are renting a property owned by the Department of Housing, please speak to your Housing Services Officer regarding your water use concession.

Apply for a concession